Website Design for Recording Studios

Website Design for Recording Studios

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A nice small project recently came my way, which was actually a project that had been put on hold a couple years ago. The business is a small project studio run by a local producer. He has been getting more business and decided he was ready for a professional face (aka website). He didn’t know much about website design for recording studios and wanted some guidance.

Recording studios fall into that interesting space between creative and business. They need to stand out as a creative place so they attract the creative artists and musicians they want to work with. At the same time, the website needs to give a professional impression as a business.

Creative Website Design for Recording Studios

The creative needs dictate that a website design for recording studios must have:

  • a creative design that captures the feel of the studio
  • images to give clients a feel for where they will be working
  • audio samples of the type of work produced there

Professional Website Design for Recording Studios

You could start with just that and quite possibly satisfy many of the potential clients that would visit the site. But the business needs require you to also include:

  • a way for potential clients to contact you or request a quote
  • a profile of the producer, engineer and any other key team members
  • a detailed listing of the equipment (hardware, software, instruments) used in studio
  • a sample of the clients who have used the studio
  • a listing of the specific services offered and rates

Next Level Website Design for Recording Studios

Depending on the size of the studio, or at least its stage of development, added functionality could make the site even more helpful to potential clients:

  • detailed project costing calculator
  • studio time booking or reservations
  • secure area to upload or download project files
  • online payment for tracks, studio time or project work

The actual needs for the website design for recording studios will depend on exactly what you want to achieve. An experienced web professional will be sure to get the answers to important questions like what your goals are.

What else would you expect or want to see in a website design for recording studios? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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