Before Website Redesign

THE question you need to ask before redesigning your website

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Redesigning your business’ website can be a daunting experience. You may have invested significant amounts of time and money in the existing design, or you may just have a sentimental attachment to it. Most people will eventually start getting swept up in the excitement of getting a new website. Before long they are dreaming up new features and scouting for other sites they like the look of. But are they perhaps jumping the gun? There must be a reason If you don’t know where you are going then how will you know when you’ve arrived? Where it comes to a …

Creative Business Tech Advice

5 Pieces of Advice for Creative Businesses Trying to Navigate Tech-Focused Waters

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It is no longer possible for any business to avoid technology if they want to survive in today’s business world. But if you are a creative service business, then technology may seem like a dark lurking shadow. Stick with me and I will share with you some tips for ensuring that you don’t get lost in the ever-changing digital landscape, and feel comfortable enough making some decisions about the technology needs of your business. The problem is that the world of technology is built by developers, who are comfortable with technology because that is their life. Too often, they forget that …

Announcing the WordPress in Jamaica Survey

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In my previous post, I mentioned the fact that Jamaica does not have a very active WordPress community. There are a lot of WordPress users, and many people building WordPress sites, but the community aspect falls short. Since I want to get more involved in the broader WordPress community, I figured my first contribution would be to gather some information on the Jamaican WordPress community. So I have put together a survey to get more information on the makeup of the local WP community, the type of WordPress work being done, andthe level of interest in actively building a community …

WordPress is getting interesting

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L’Attitude Studios is my freelance WordPress shop, and besides actually working on projects (will yours be my next one?) I want to start writing about WordPress and its community. I’m based in Jamaica, which, though it has its WP fans, does not yet have a very active community. A WordCamp Kingston may just be on the way, you wait. 😉 Besides sharing projects I work on (when I can), I want to also expose people to some of the really awesome things that can be done with WordPress. It has moved way beyond its blogging origins, but many people (outside …

Place Your Order – Gravity Forms [Demo]

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When I started I promised to take a look at various interesting things that can be done with WordPress. Now, WordPress on its own is a nice solid platform. Originally built for blogging, it has matured considerably into a well-featured content management system. However, the real power of WordPress comes from its extensibility through plugins. Plugins are basically bundles of functionality that you can add to your WordPress site. There are plugins for all sorts of purposes, including administration, styling and enhancements, but I plan to focus more on the plugins that add functionality to your content, allowing you to …