Announcing the WordPress in Jamaica Survey

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wordpress-logo-simplified-rgbIn my previous post, I mentioned the fact that Jamaica does not have a very active WordPress community. There are a lot of WordPress users, and many people building WordPress sites, but the community aspect falls short. Since I want to get more involved in the broader WordPress community, I figured my first contribution would be to gather some information on the Jamaican WordPress community.

So I have put together a survey to get more information on the makeup of the local WP community, the type of WordPress work being done, andthe level of interest in actively building a community through meetups, for example. The survey is relatively short and should only take a few minutes. I haven’t put a end date on the survey yet, but I will collate the results once I have enough data, and share some statistics.

Hopefully, there will be enough interest in a WordPress meetup to make it worthwhile to start. I personally would love to meet some of the other Jamaicans working with WordPress and see what interesting things they’re doing.

So if you’re Jamaican and use WordPress, in any way (developing, designing, blogging etc.), head over to the survey and get counted. And be sure to share this post with your networks.


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