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L’Attitude Studios is my freelance WordPress shop, and besides actually working on projects (will yours be my next one?) I want to start writing about WordPress and its community. I’m based in Jamaica, which, though it has its WP fans, does not yet have a very active community. A WordCamp Kingston may just be on the way, you wait. 😉

Besides sharing projects I work on (when I can), I want to also expose people to some of the really awesome things that can be done with WordPress. It has moved way beyond its blogging origins, but many people (outside the WP community) are not yet aware of the advances made.

Since 2005, when I started using WordPress, I have seen it grow from a simple blogging platform, to a community, to a complete CMS till now it is being used as an application platform. The discussions of where next it will go are ongoing, but I’m sure interesting times are ahead.

I plan to showcase some of the themes that have changed the WP landscape, the plugins that are transforming websites and online businesses, as well as services that have grown in conjunction with WordPress’ growth. My promise to you is that most will be ones I have actually used, or at least tested, so that I am not simply going off of screenshots and other’s testimonials or reviews.

Projects that will make it to this blog will be one of two kinds:

  • Personal projects – I do have some interesting things coming up and I will share how I’m making them happen.
  • Interesting client projects – Note the qualifier “interesting.” Some website projects are pretty standard, and while they will likely make it into my portfolio on completion, I will reserve the blog posts for the ones that go further into the “interesting” WordPress space.

So now that I’ve established where we’re going with this, I’m off to decide on what I will share first.

P.S. If you have built/used/come across something interesting in the WordPress space, feel free to share in the comments below.



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