Where to Learn WordPress Plugin Development

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So, as my plugin development journey begins, my next question is where to learn how to develop WordPress plugins. Obviously, there are tutorials all over, but the goal is to learn best practices as I go. I like systems and structure, so I don’t want to have to piece everything together from random bits.

A quick Google search shows that there are, as expected, lots of tutorials and blog posts, many of which are entitled “Build your first WordPress plugin in 5 minutes.” They show you just how easy it is to create the necessary plugin structure so that WordPress recognizes your plugin. Very helpful, but basic.

So I dug deeper. Below I will share some of the better resources I’ve found so far. I will update it and link to my reviews on the ones I do check out in my learning process.

WordPress Plugin Development Books

WordPress Plugin Development Courses/Tutorials

WordPress Plugin Development References

So that’s a longish list. I plan to start with a tutorial or two to get a little orientation to what I’m doing. Since I already have a Tuts+ membership, I’m going to look at those starting with the Intro course by Tom McFarlin. Stay tuned!


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