What your web designer should ask you

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I talked last time about the first question you should ask yourself before redesigning your website. A good designer would make sure you have the answer to that question, but there are other things your designer would want to know. I wrote a post for the Layout magazine (a publication from Flywheel, a new and pretty solid managed WordPress host) some time ago which described for designers what they should make sure to ask in their web design questionnaire.

The list starts with what the client does, the industry they operate in, the kinds of products and services they provide, who the decision makers are and what kind of budget is available for the project. The next step is digging into the client’s why, making sure to get specific about the goals for the site, and exploring who the site is really for (i.e. the target audience). It is then that the designer would inquire about design preferences and look and feel. With all of that, the designer should make sure to discuss with the client a clear definition of what success would mean so that expectations can be set.

You can read more detail on this in the article itself What to include in a web design client questionnaire.



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