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I was doing some volunteer work recently, helping out a US-based arts nonprofit organisation. I was really just doing some troubleshooting for them to fix some errors on their site, but it got me thinking about website design for arts nonprofits. They are in need of a site refresh as the design is outdated, the theme has custom work they can’t update and they want to add quite a bit to the site.

Arts nonprofits have an interesting challenge where it comes to their websites, as typically they have multiple audiences they need to target. They need to show off their products/services/works to their “customers” or the people they serve, but they also need to highlight their accomplishments for their partners, sponsors, funders.

Creative Website Design for Arts Nonprofits

The creative needs dictate that a website design for arts nonprofits must be:

  • eye-catching to engage their audience
  • filled with emotive images of the work they do
  • informative to tell people how to get involved

Professional Web Design for Arts Nonprofits

At its most basic, an arts nonprofit website could get away with little else. But the business needs suggest that the website should go further to include:

  • a way for potential contacts to reach out to you or request information
  • profiles of the board members and any key team members
  • a showcase of stories of those who have benefitted from the nonprofit’s work
  • a listing of any specific services offered and how to engage

Next Level Web Design for Arts Nonprofits

Depending on the size of the nonprofit, or at least its stage of development, added functionality could make the site even more helpful to audiences:

  • event calendar
  • booking, reservations, or ticket sales
  • membership area with exclusive benefits
  • online donations and payments

The actual needs for the website design for arts nonprofits will depend on the goals of the organisation. An experienced web professional will be sure to get the answers to important questions like what your goals are.

What else would you expect or want to see in a website design for arts nonprofits? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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