Website Design for Arts Nonprofits

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I was doing some volunteer work recently, helping out a US-based arts nonprofit organisation. I was really just doing some troubleshooting for them to fix some errors on their site, but it got me thinking about website design for arts nonprofits. They are in need of a site refresh as the design is outdated, the theme has custom work they can’t update and they want to add quite a bit to the site. Arts nonprofits have an interesting challenge where it comes to their websites, as typically they have multiple audiences they need to target. They need to show off their …

Do I really need a website if I have a …?

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No matter what you finish that question with, the answer to “do I really need a website?” is probably yes. Some of the endings I have heard include Tumblr page, Facebook page or profile, Twitter/Instagram/Snapchat/[insert latest new social media network here]. Here’s the thing about all of those — you don’t own them. I know you think you do because you created your account and uploaded all your content and have been using for a really long time (or not). But the companies behind all of those platforms own those profiles and pages. In most cases, you’ve granted them a licence …

Website Design for Recording Studios

Website Design for Recording Studios

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A nice small project recently came my way, which was actually a project that had been put on hold a couple years ago. The business is a small project studio run by a local producer. He has been getting more business and decided he was ready for a professional face (aka website). He didn’t know much about website design for recording studios and wanted some guidance. Recording studios fall into that interesting space between creative and business. They need to stand out as a creative place so they attract the creative artists and musicians they want to work with. At the same …

What your web designer should ask you

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I talked last time about the first question you should ask yourself before redesigning your website. A good designer would make sure you have the answer to that question, but there are other things your designer would want to know. I wrote a post for the Layout magazine (a publication from Flywheel, a new and pretty solid managed WordPress host) some time ago which described for designers what they should make sure to ask in their web design questionnaire. The list starts with what the client does, the industry they operate in, the kinds of products and services they provide, who …

Before Website Redesign

THE question you need to ask before redesigning your website

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Redesigning your business’ website can be a daunting experience. You may have invested significant amounts of time and money in the existing design, or you may just have a sentimental attachment to it. Most people will eventually start getting swept up in the excitement of getting a new website. Before long they are dreaming up new features and scouting for other sites they like the look of. But are they perhaps jumping the gun? There must be a reason If you don’t know where you are going then how will you know when you’ve arrived? Where it comes to a …